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 Singing Water Presentations - Programs 

Singing Water offers expressive presentations using voice and other acoustical instruments for small and large groups. 

Presentations may include engaging musical experiences. We can provide opportunities for enhancing workshops and training sessions in leadership, stress and time management, interpersonal skills, and provide a musical vehicle for improved awareness and sensitivity.


Musical Program
Free-Lyric Songs with Singing Crystal Bowls
Free-Lyric Songs with  Singing Crystal Bowls Enjoy the beneficial dynamics of free-lyric songs with singing crystal bowls and other acoustical instruments for healing and transition.

Special Workshops and Seminars
Presented by
Singing Water Presentations
Gregorian Chant,
Modes, and Music
of the Middle Ages

and Lecture
Why Singing Water?
Our spirit abides the power of waterfalls, depths of the ocean, the stillness of placid lakes, the mystery of meandering streams, and the tenderness of gently falling rain.