The Singing Water
The Singing Water is a culmination of musical experiences, blending folk music and ethereal music. It includes the sounds of acoustic guitar, voice, violin, Freenotes, crystal bowls, and the sounds of nature.

Familiar acoustic songs and comforting sounds of nature blendartfully into engaging, meditative soundscapes.

The Water is Wide - Traditional
Wild Mountain Thyme Traditional
Florida Sand - Will McLean 
Autumn Leaves - French lyrics by Jacques Prevert,
music by Joseph Kosma, English lyrics by Johnny Mercer 
Karitas (H)abundat - Hildegard von Bingen
Sparrow - Paul Simon
Dance of the Sandhill Crane - Will McLean 
Happy Bowls - Janet Kato and Dennis Devine

Janet Kato - vocals, Freenotes, flute, crystal bowls
Dennis Devine - vocals, guitar, mandolin 
acoustic bass, & djembe
Suzanne Lansford - violin 
Scott Rowell - mandolin
The Singing Water Orchestra - Florida water, birds, crickets, frogs, Cocoa Beach, 
Saint Augustine Beach, Suwannee River, Jack Lake and Apalachicola River
Florida Sandhill Cranes - vocals

Scott Rowell - Engineer 
Jim and Tom Morris, Morrisound, Tampa, FL - Mastering
Eric Herrmann - Cover photography
Kelly Kato - Beach photography 

The Water is Wide

A 1724 English ballad originally known as "O Waly, Waly."

Wild Mountain Thyme
A Scottish tune attributed to Francis McPeake (depending, of course, on who you ask).

Florida Sand
Will McLean, songwriter laureate of Florida, wrote this “Unoffical State Song,” 
sung by thousands who have learned to love our precious and delicate state.

Autumn Leaves
A popular French poet, Jacques Prevert, wrote of dead leaves (”Les Feuilles Mortes”) to inspire 
Joseph Kosma's music. Johnny Mercer translated.

Karitas (H)abundat 
Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) was the most published woman in history. 
This chant of charity is a poetic meditation.

Paul Simon's poetic answer to everyday excuses.

Sandhill Crane
We who live in Florida see and hear more and more Sandhill Cranes in our neighborhoods as they 
learn to adapt to human migration into their swampland. Another masterpiece by Will McLean, 
a folk hero for endangered Florida.

Happy Bowls 
At the end of what seemed like a hard day, this song emerged. 
May "happy" be waiting at the end of your day.