Anyone Can Sing
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Sing, and hear the song of a soul's companion.

Florida has much to choose from in learning opportunities for our children in and out of the chosen structured school environment.
For most school curriculums the arts are earnestly included but, out of necessity, are limited to the group experience. 
Group singing activities and private affordable voice lessons for all ages


This is an opportunity for students to further explore their musical abilities on a private, one to one basis through the art of singing, the goals being:

 To learn to sing and speak correctly 
 To learn about songs and composers
 To develop a musical ear for notes & intervals 
 To present oneself confidently in front of a group
 To experience the benefits of the disciplined mind
 To acquire techniques and skills used by professionals

The Philosophy of Anyone Can Sing

Have you ever had someone tell you that you couldn't sing? ' Have you ever just said I can't sing."

Many of us have had this happen to us and resign ourselves not to sing, yet knowing (especially while taking a shower) that there's more talent there than is being allowed to come through.

True, some of us may have been gifted with a well designed instrument to begin with, but the rest of us can learn to explore and have fun with developing what we do have. Much more goes into singing a song than just the instrument itself. The first step is not being judgmental of the sound that is uniquely yours, and gaining confidence in hearing it as you fine tune it day by day.

Whatever instrument we are born with, it is important to realize the healing benefits of the sound that our own voices can make to ourselves, and to others.

 The Instructor: 

Janet Kato is a diversified performer of many years that include a repertoire reflective of Musical Theater, Live Contemporary, the Classics and Religious. She studied privately in association with the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and has been able to take her accumulated experiences to help teach the art of singing.